The concept behind the use of light to treat skin tissue is that light that is absorbed by tissue generates heat. By using specific colors (or wavelengths) of light to treat specific parts of the skin we can target and therefore treat a distinct part of the skin and spare surrounding tissue. Light can pass completely through non-absorbing tissue and effect subsequent tissue that absorbs its energy and thereby produces heat.

Aesthetic procedures that previously required six or more different lasers can all be offered with the Xlase.

Xlase is equipped with two handpieces: the Nd:YAG applicator provides optimal and safe laser procedure for the treatment of epilation and vascular lesions and the CPL applicator utilizes as many as four different sapphire crystal filters to modify the emitted broadband light spectrum, making the treatment versatile and extremely effective. The standard included sapphire crystal filters enable you to treat permanent hair reduction, photo facial, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions and active acne.

Xlase versatility allows the operator to precisely customize the characteristics of the procedure according to each patient's skin type, specific condition, and location of the condition on the body. Xlase is one of the most compact and versatile Nd:YAG and CPL systems on the market. The system can be easily transported in its own carry case.

Xlase is a treatment breakthrough that can treat a variety of skin imperfections: Unwanted Hair - in all skin and hair colors (except for white hair) on all body parts; Ingrown hair; Folliculitis; Razor bumps - as well as the associated skin darkening and pimples; Freckles and Skin Darkening; Acne; Sun Damage; Age spots; Freckles; Unsightly small veins; Enlarged pores

Detailed components

Calibrated Pulsed Light (broad spectrum) Generator
Superior by design, the new Xlase Calibrated Pulsed Light generator offers several innovative and advanced technology enhancements. Compared to other IPL systems available on the market the Xlase system has proven among the most powerful. The Calibrated Pulsed Light generator is simple and efficient to operate; controls are within easy reach and important user information is clearly displayed on the LCD, including energy delivered and treatment setting with true energy fluence up to 50 J/cm2.

Nd:YAG (infrared 1064 nm) Generator
The Xlase Nd:YAG generator allows fast and effective laser hair removal treatments in the darkest skin types. The calibrated laser beam ensures light penetration to the deepest follicles while its low absorption guarantees preservation of the surrounding tissues in all skin types. Xlase's zoom handpieces allows accurate selection of the hair reduction treatment area size and instantly switch to more focused laser spots for fine vascular treatments.

Closed-cycle water cooling system
Xlase system utilizes high-powered xenon lamp that require water cooling for reliable operation. Very importantly, too, the closed-cycle cooling system enables optimal xenon lamp preservation and safe treatment application. Other Intense Pulsed Light systems available on the market utilize forced air to achieve xenon lamp cooling; such system has proven to lead to lamp overheating and poor operational performance.

CPL and Nd:YAG Laser Cavity
The unique, golden coated reflective cavity, generates maximum energy density in both Nd:YAG and CPL modules. The selected treatment source is delivered from the handpiece into the skin, where it releases only the wavelengths absorbed by the target. The strength and duration of the pulse is also tightly controlled to ensure the target is selectively heated to, whilst leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

Sapphire crystal filters
Xlase in CPL operation mode provides a range of different available wavelengths. Through selection of sapphire crystal filters is like having a suite of lasers to effectively treat a number a of skins conditions: these special cut-off filters are used to block out wavelengths of light below the filter number selected and allow only those wavelengths of light above the filter number to pass through. This makes the Xlase system very versatile and gentle offering gradual results with minimal risk of side effects and patient downtime.

Thermo-electric coupling tip cooler
An integral part of the Xlase system is the chill tip. This contact cooling handpiece protects the skin by actively cooling the skin before, during, and after the light is transmitted. It also actively draws off heat from the skin surface. The chill tip also has a slight anesthetic effect which helps to minimize the discomfort during procedure.

Integrated power energy meter
The Xlase system integrates a power and energy meter. It works on a microprocessor based measurement technique of temperature dynamics through photodiode sensors; measurement and data acquisition are fully automatic. Capable of performing flashlamp energy measurements, it indicates the effective flashlamp energy delivered by the handpiece.


Code 1018 Laser source Nd:YAG
Wavelength 1064nm Energy Density 60J (max)
Laser Pulse Duration da 5 a 40ms CPL lamp Xenon
Fluence up to 40 J/cm Treatment Area 50mm x 10mm (5cm)
Numero Impulsi from 1 to 5 Dimensions 60cm X 56cm X 36cm
Weight 35Kg

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Xlase is a treatment breakthrough that can treat a variety of skin imperfections: Unwanted Hair - in all skin and hair color son all body parts.