Limited Offer £11,000 Plasmalite FPL Digital

Plasmalite FPL Digital utilizes the latest technology based on a unique combination of patented fluorescent filter technology, selected spectra of light emission, unique "micro-pulse" forming and sapphire based skin cooling system. Plasmalite offers a non-invasive, safe and effective method for skin rejuvenation, treatment of vascular lesions and permanent hair reduction.

Plasmalite FPL Digital is twice as fast with doubble repetition speed.
Large multifunctional display with clean and simple settings.
The new indicatior tells you when the machine is ready to use.

Features & Benefits

As a result of our dedication, our patented state of the art handpiece will help you through hours of intense treatments. It is engineered to last and with your health in mind we have invested many hours of research to come up with an ergonomic and practical design.

The Plasmalite FPL Digital offers an easy-to-read control panel with a user-friendly pulse width setting and a practical pulse counter.

Your Unique Original FPL Power Source For Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal With the Plasmalite, we bring you the opportunities! You and your clients will notice the difference!

  • Multifunctional by swift filter change.
  • High fluency for optimal clinical efficacy.
  • Array of filters to tailor your treatment protocol.
  • Advanced pulse forming optimizing energy delievery.
  • Sapphire waveguide designed for superior skin contact cooling.
  • Sapphire waveguide, offering superior cooling compared to quartz glass or gel.
  • Absorbing filters for sharp and effective blocking of harmful wavelengths.
  • Unique advanced pulse forming for consistent and smooth tissue heating.
  • Fluorescence technology for increased energy fluency within the correct wave spectrum.

Plasmalite has a number of safety aspects that eliminates/reduces traditional IPL and laser treatment side effects, such as burning, pigmentation disorders and more.

MPBC has succesfully teamed up with the worlds most experienced Plasmalite technicians. This is one of the reasons why our Plasmalites are manufactured with the utmost quality and perfection.

Technical Specifications

Light Source Xenon Flashlamp, Powered by Patented Fluorescent Filters. Water Cooled Device Yes
Filter Spectrum Hair Removal 580-950 nm, 615-950 nm Integrated Sapphire Cooler Yes, Optional
Skin Rejuvenation 535-950 nm, 550-950 nm, 580-950 nm Portable Device Yes
Optical System Sapphire Chrystal Light-guide in Direct Contact with the Skin. Device Measurements Diameter 206 mm, Height 1250 mm
Maximum Energy max. 45 J/cm2 (Hair) / max. 55 J/cm2 (Skin) Bottom Tray Measurements 350 x 350 mm
Pulsewidth 1 - 120 ms Device Weight 34 kg
Infra Red Light No Repeat Rate Up to 1 Pulse Every 2-4 Seconds at 120ms Pulse Width.
Spot Size 10 mm x 20 mm Power Source 110/220 V, 8/4 A, 60/50 Hz

Fusion CRF

Fusion CRF system is a revolutionary procedure capable of guaranteeing sensational results with very little discomfort.

Plasmalite FPL Digital

The Plasmalite hair removal system works by targeting the melanin that is found naturally in the hair shaft and hair follicle.


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