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Laser Hair Removal Machines UK - About Us

Laser hair removal machines UK supplies and sells some of the world’s leading laser and IPL machines. We have a vast amount of knowledge on which machines would deliver best results for which skin type, as we originally started off with our own laser hair removal clinic The Harley Laser Specialists and now have many years of experience behind us with knowledge on which machines will prove most beneficial for your business considering various factors such as clientele base etc. We have now expanded into being UK distributors for laser and IPL machines. Selling laser and IPL devices to other businesses and individuals has proved to be very successful, and we would further like to expand and offer our expertise, especially to those individuals and companies that are newly starting up a business. From our experiences we found laser hair removal machines were very expensive to buy and if we had some devices which were cheaper, the replacement lamps were extremely dear some averaging from £400- £1700, there was not much support once a machine was purchased and very little to guide us with marketing and full training also with any after care support.

Why Laser Hair Removal Machines UK?

  • All our laser/IPL machines have very low running costs from as little as £180 per lamp and very low servicing cost from little as £300.
  • Laser hair removal machines supplied by us are one of the top 10 rated laser machines by a very well known laser protection adviser Godfrey town.
  • The machines we provide are being currently used in our own Harley street laser clinic along with other Harley street hair removal clinics.

Fusion CRF

Fusion CRF system is a revolutionary procedure capable of guaranteeing sensational results with very little discomfort.

Plasmalite FPL Digital

The Plasmalite hair removal system works by targeting the melanin that is found naturally in the hair shaft and hair follicle.


Xlase is a treatment breakthrough that can treat a variety of skin imperfections: Unwanted Hair - in all skin and hair color son all body parts.